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If you want your lawn to grow full and lush, then the key to getting the growth that you want is aeration. Aeration is a process where the top layer of soil is broken up and overturned so that it is porous again. This lets water, air, and nutrients penetrate the top layer of soil and get down to the roots of your grass. In short, the things that your grass needs to grow full and lush easily reach the roots again.

Soil becomes compacted over time, and aeration makes it fresh and porous again. It is the first step in improving the health of your lawn. It can be a difficult task to do on your own, but Poseidon Irrigation makes it much easier.

We have the tools and the manpower to aerate any size lawn quickly and efficiently. Combined with our other lawn treatment and care services, aeration takes any lawn from dry and brown to green and healthy.

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Make Your Lawn Drought-Resistant

When we aerate your lawn, it holds onto water easily. In many cases, dry, unhealthy lawns are unable to hold onto the water that you put on them. It runs downhill and off of your lawn before your grass has the chance to soak it in.

Aeration lets water soak in faster and helps hold it in place so that your grass can soak it up over time. That means that during the dry seasons, your lawn will have a longer-lasting water supply to stay healthy and hydrated.

Stop Runoff From Ruining Your Lawn

Runoff does more than deprive your lawn of badly needed water. It also washes away nutrients and can wash out your grass in some cases.

When we aerate your lawn, it holds water stronger than an un-aerated lawn can. That means that not only does your lawn keep the water you put on it, but it also stops runoff from stealing the nutrients that your plants need to be healthy.

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Improving the overall health of your lawn starts with aeration and a phone call to Poseidon Irrigation. We are lawn care specialists with the experience and resources to make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

To learn more about our aeration services, contact Poseidon Irrigation, LLC at (207) 651-0704. Let us help you build a healthy lawn no matter what the weather is like.

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